10 Things You Didn’t Think To Pack for a Cruise

I thought I would share some simple things that you can pack for your cruise. I feel these are must haves for you to feel at home and organized in your cabin. These are items that I didn’t think to pack until someone else told me about them or from my extensive research on the internet when I was a newbie cruiser. 

#1 Magnets: I know this sounds like a strange item to pack, but the cabins on a ship are metal. The magnet sticks to the wall and you can hang your papers, necklaces or hairties. This helps keep the small cabins clutter free.

#2 A Bag: Big enough to carry a couple of towels, your camera, book, chapstick and sunblock around the ship or when you go on an excursion. You don’t want to have your hands full all the time. 

#3 Your own drink bottle/mug: This comes in handy to refill with water or other beverages so you don’t have to keep walking back to the machines. If you drink hot teas or coffee, a mug is great to keep hot drinks warm for a longer period of time. 

#4 Shower Puff: I get a puff for $1 at the store to bring along, then I don’t have to use a wash rag to soap up. Since it was inexpensive, I toss it before packing up to come home.

#5 Door Decoration: This can be something as simple as printing off a sign or you can go more elaborate. Door decorations for the outside of your cabin door help you find your cabin easily. All the doors look the same in an endless sea of hallway.

#6 Over the Door Organizer: You can find these on Amazon for inexpensive. You put it on the inside of your closet door and it can be a catch all for sunblock, lotion, cords, etc. to help keep your cabin tidy.

#7 Small Power Adaptor: Most cabins only have 2 power outlets. Some of the newer ships are adding the USB adapter port.

#8 Highlighter: You’ll want to highlight all the activities you want to do so you don’t miss out!

#9 Wine Opener: Did you pack a bottle of wine that you were alotted to bring on the ship? You’ll need something to open it with.

#10 Medication Kit: Make an over the counter medication kit for colds, seasickness, aches and pains. The over the counter meds on a ship are expensive and when you are in port you don’t want to spend your time looking for a drug store.

And just for the ladies I have 1 more.

#11 A Small Clutch: Just a little something for your lip gloss, cabin card, and phone (if you use it to take pictures) to carry to dinner or when you don’t need a larger bag.

Most of these items are small and they don’t take a lot of space in your luggage. You’ll be happy when you have them on the ship! 

Bon Voyage!