Disneyland Tips

I have many tips up my sleeve to help make an enjoyable vacation at Disneyland. This will be the first of many more blog posts to come.

I’ve gone multiple times with just my husband, I’ve also gone with groups of people and these tips can be used for an adult’s vacation or a family vacation. Yes! Just adults can go to Disney too!

We live in Portland, Oregon, so it’s a quick plane ride to either Los Angeles or Orange County. I usually purchase my tickets based on the price and if it’s a direct flight.

I have found that if we can fly in on Wednesday morning, we can get to Disneyland or California Adventure in the middle of the afternoon and stay for the evening. Wednesday’s at Disneyland are light days (depending on the season) and we are able to ride a few rides with only a 20-minute wait or less and then stay for an evening show.

For a full day at either park, get there at least a half hour, if not sooner, before the park opens. At Disneyland, they will open Main Street USA and you can walk down to the main hub at the castle and wait for Cast Members to open up each of the “lands”. You can get some great photos of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle with not many people around. Plan to go to a popular ride and grab a fast pass and if the wait isn’t long, jump in line and ride. On your way to use your fast pass, get another fast pass. You have to use your fast pass in the time window allotted. It used to be that you could save up your fast passes and use them at a later time, but that’s not the case anymore. Bummer!

Look in the app store of your smart phone; there are some great apps that will tell you the wait times on attractions.

Leave the parks in the early afternoon to grab lunch and head back to the hotel to rest or if your kids need to take a nap. This will help you have an enjoyable evening back in the park. You don’t want to miss out on the nighttime shows because you’ve been in the park ALL DAY LONG and now you’re tired.

Bring water bottles that you can refill at water fountains.

Bring easy snacks; if you’re standing in line and anyone gets hungry in your group you can pull a snack out. You don’t want to get out of line to buy food, because it will be hard to find your party again or you might not be able to get back in line.

If you have a special occasion your celebrating, a birthday, anniversary, just married, newly engaged, you’re first visit to Disney, or you’re just celebrating life, stop by guest services when you enter the park and they’ll give you a special button. Wear it and you’ll receive many best wishes from all the Cast Members and other people around the parks.

If you have a Disneyland or Disney World tip, email us!

In the words of Mickey Mouse, See Ya Real Soon!