Excursion: Cozumel, Mexico

One of our port stops on a Western Caribbean cruise was Cozumel Mexico. Cozumel is a wonderful island off the southern tip of Mexico in the Caribbean Sea. It’s also a great island if you are looking for an All Inclusive stay. We only had the day in port so I booked us a Jeep excursion that toured us around the southern half of the Island.

We walked off the ship and had about a mile walk to our meeting point, it was a safe, easy walk. We met Julio our tour guide and he took us to our 4 door Jeep Wrangler. My husband, Josh, drove the Jeep for the day.

Our first stop was a family owned Tequila factory. We took a tour, learned about tequila making and tasted the different types of Tequila. I can see why this was our first stop, we were the first ones there and by the time we left after our short time there, the place was getting packed. It was the best tequila we’ve ever tasted.

Then we were off to the east side of the island to get a glimpse of the beach, Playa San Martin. This side of the island is ruff water and not calm enough to go snorkeling, but it was beautiful.

Side note, since this was a private tour with 2-4 people, we could choose how we wanted to spend our day. Julio had it mapped out for us and then we could choose how much time we wanted to spend at each location or if we wanted to stop there at all. He knew everyone along the way and when we wanted to shop, we weren’t bothered because everyone knew we were with Julio.

After we visited the beach, we drove a little ways and stopped at a bar on the side of the road. It was called “Welcome to Miami”. Let me tell you, this was an awesome little place. They are well known for their fresh Mojitos, they stone ground the mint. I had the Pina Colada, that they made with fresh coconut. Amazing!!!! We sat by the ocean, in hammocks no less, and relaxed while we sipped our worries away. Listening to the waves, with a light breeze on your face and a beautiful view, it couldn’t get any better.

Our next stop was Punta Sur Eco Beach Park. This was an additional fee added onto the tour. This is the Southern most point in Cozumel. This is a very beautiful park over looking the sea. We went up into the Punta Sur light house for the most amazing views. Julio heard there was an alligator down the road, so he walked us there so we could take a look. On our way out of the park we stopped to check out a Mayan Ruin and went out to the swamp area where we saw another gator.

We went west on the highway and made our way to the resort area where the water was calmer. We had lunch and then snorkeling was included. Julio had a snorkel guide take us out and we followed him to where the fish were. I love snorkeling and seeing the sea life so this was my favorite part of the day, besides sitting in the hammock.

After lunch and snorkeling it was time to head back to the ship. We had a great day with Julio as our guide. I love to do tours with a small group of people so that we can get to know our guide and have a more personable tour.

I hope that you can visit this beautiful island some day and let me know if you want help finding a tour like the one we did.