Holiday Gift Guide for the Traveler

Tis the season for gifting. If you have a traveler that you are buying for, here are some of my favorite things to help with packing or to make travel more comfortable.

Packing Cubes: Do you like organized packing and need to fit more in your luggage. Packing cubes are great to keep everything nice and neat. This is the only way I pack now.

Hand Scale: Those airlines are particular about the weight of your checked bag. You don’t want to have any surprises when you go to weigh it at the counter on your return home. Get a hand scale, it’s a life saver. You don’t want to have to be that person that is removing items out of your luggage at the counter.

Personalized Luggage Tags: At the airport I see black luggage going around and around the conveyor belt and it’s hard to pick out your bag. Personalized luggage tags that stand out are the perfect stocking stuffer. Add a little pizzaz to your bag!

Containers: I purchased these containers to try out for my last trip and they are perfect. You can put jewelry in the them, lotions, vitamins/medicine, hair ties, you name it. I got a pack of them because I needed something to put coconut oil in (I use it as makeup remover) and it’s exactly what I needed. Also, they are easy to open with one hand.

Plane Pillow: The neck pillow I have is kind of annoying to carry around when traveling, so I’ve been looking for new neck support. Here are some options I’m looking at, I’m indecisive about what I should get. The Turtle pillow looks like it small to carry around and has a unique way of neck support, but I might feel claustrophobic with it wrapped around my neck. This infinity pillow looks unique too, I have the hardest time getting comfortable with my arms, so this might be a solution. Though it looks a little on the bigger side to carry around. Here is a traditional neck pillow, but this one is memory foam and it folds into a bag.

I hope these 5 gift suggestions will help you find a gift for the travel lover in your life.

Happy Holidays!