To Do or Not to Do when Planning

When planning a trip, you want everything to go perfectly so you can have a fun and relaxing time. You’re on
vacation, you don’t want to stress about anything!

When you’re planning your next vacation, here are a few things you should do or avoid doing:

Not Learning About a Destination

This is your vacation so it’s important for you to do a little research on the destination that you want to go to. Have an idea of the area, the weather, and what you can do. There might be a lot of history at your destination or a great beach you can visit. I, as your travel agent, can help you, but you should develop an authentic understanding of wherever it is you want to visit as well. I’ll be able to find the best deals and help you fine tune where it is your destination may be.

Booking a Trip Because Someone Else Liked It

Your neighbor, friend, relative may have loved that resort or destination, but you might not. Everyone has a preference of their hotel rating, budget, climate, food, etc. Find what you like. Bottom line, it’s your vacation not someone else’s.

Booking Last Minute

In some cases, the price may go down after booking, but in most cases, the price will almost always increase and the availability decreases. I have seen that with booking cruises, the best prices are always well in advance of the sailing. If I find something that’s in your budget, then get it booked as soon as possible. If you need to think it over for a day, I’m usually able to hold the reservation for 24 hours before you have to make a deposit.

“Winging It”

Some trips are better if you’re spontaneous, with no schedule or itinerary, but some, such as Disney, you need to have a plan. If you want to eat at a specialty restaurant you might need to make reservations 60 days in advance. For a cruise vacation, do you want a popular shore excursion? Book that well in advanced also, as the most popular shore excursions sell out before the ship sets sail. You must have a good plan in place or you won’t have the fun time that you envisioned.

Deal Versus Value

Travelers who plan their own vacations often think that a “deal” is a good value for them, but often it is not. They make assumptions about what is included and then have to pay more when they find that it wasn’t included in that specific package. It’s important that you tell me right up front what you are looking for so I can make sure that it’s included.

Not Purchasing Travel Insurance

Most travelers deem travel insurance an unnecessary expense until they have a problem. You should see the value of travel insurance even if it’s just peace of mind, it’s a small expense for a vacation that you are saving your hard earned money for.

Renting a Car

When renting a car it’s important to check with your insurance company if you have extending coverage and for how long. When traveling to another country your auto insurance most likely won’t cover you, so you would need to purchase insurance through the rental agency or check that you are covered under your travel insurance policy. Another thing to note, is that when you drive your own car in Canada from the States, some Provences require you to provide financial responsibility with a Canadian Insurance card. You should be able to get this from your insurance company, just make sure you give them plenty of notice to get it for you.

Over Packing

Traveling with large, heavy suitcases is burdensome. How much time do you want to spend unpacking and packing, organizing and deciding what to wear? If you bring less, you move more easily. One time in Germany, I took a 3 day trip by train and only took my DSLR camera backpack (which is small) and what I could fit for clothes and toiletries, doing this I enjoyed more carefree moments.  

I hope this helps you when you’re planning your next Storybook vacation. I’m here to help!

Happy Planning!