What’s Up In Oregon

I have people ask me “what should we do when we visit Oregon?” or I talk to people from out of town and they tell me these cool places that they saw in Oregon that I had never
been. Sometimes we take for granted the state that we spend the majority of our lives in, our home. I have a bucket list of
places I’d still like to see in Oregon, but I also have places that I enjoy going to for the day or the weekend. I am going to showcase these places in a series of blog posts; What’s Up In Oregon.

Let’s get acquainted with Oregon. It’s located in the Pacific Northwest, sandwiched in between Washington and California. The west side of the state is the Pacific Ocean, the Columbia River separates Oregon from Washington in the north, and to the east are mountain ranges and the high desert. 

People who don’t live in Oregon pronounce it OR-ih-gahn, I think they’re saying “Are ye gone?” Ha Ha! People native to Oregon pronounce it OR-ih-guhn, the correct way. 

Oregon, I love your four seasons and all the green that surrounds you.

We have four seasons for sure, no confusion on the time of year in Oregon. In the winter it’s cold and wet, some areas it snows, this winter especially. In the spring it rains and everything turns lush green, flowers start the bloom, and everything comes back to life. In the summer the weather can be mild at 75 degrees or have a heat wave above 100. Then there is autumn, my favorite time of year, it starts to rain at the time when you’re tired of the heat and the leaves turn beautiful oranges, reds and yellows.

You will not go hungry or thirsty in Oregon. The food, wine and brewery scene is hoppin’. You have the Columbia River Gorge and the Willamette Valley for all the wine. In Central Oregon, Portland and also along the Columbia River Gorge you have many breweries. We have every kind of restaurant or type of food you can imagine.

We don’t have a professional football team, but everyone is either a fan of the University of Oregon Ducks or Oregon State Beavers. There is some healthy rivalry on the weekends during football season. We are home of the professional basketball team the Portland Trail Blazers and the professional soccer team the Portland Timbers.

I can’t wait to write more about the places I love and show you the beautiful state of Oregon.

Cheers from an Oregonian!