Who is the face of Storybook Travel Company?

I’ve always had travel in my soul, itching to get out of town. In my adult years I started traveling more frequently with my husband.

I love to plan trips, even if it’s one I might not go on for awhile, I just enjoy the process of researching new places to visit. So one day I decided, why don’t I help other people with travel plans?

This is how Storybook Travel Company was born. It came from wanting to do something in life that I’m passionate about because when you do something you love, it doesn’t feel like work.

The idea for the name, Storybook Travel, was created because when I come home from visiting a new place I have a story to tell and I love to hear about other people’s travel stories.

You never really travel alone. The world is full of friends waiting to get to know you.

I live in the Pacific Northwest and most weekends, if my husband, Josh, and I aren’t golfing, we try new restaurants, wine taste up the Columbia River Gorge or the Willamette Valley, check out a brewery, or find a delicious dessert. I’m a sucker for beautiful scenery, sunrises and sunsets, and I don’t believe a photo can capture all the beauty of this world; you just need to be there to see it. We have a dog whose name is Sydney, named after Sydney, Australia, because she’s an Australian Kelpie. I got Josh hooked on traveling when we went to Disney World on our honeymoon. He hadn’t really vacationed anywhere except to his family’s lake home in the summer. It was fun taking him on his first big trip and an eye opener for him to see my spreadsheet/itinerary for us; I may have put off a travel nerd vibe! He knows that if he tells me what he wants to do on our vacation, I’ll make it happen. If we get a chance to take our golf clubs on vacation we do, because we enjoy playing on different courses. We play better when we are on vacation!

Experiences are important to us, whether it’s trying out a restaurant, learning about a different culture or doing a new activity or going on an adventure. We even went sky diving last year!

I hope that this blog area will help you with tips on traveling, dream about going to a new destination, and getting to know me and how I can help you with your travel plans. I want to build life long relationships with my clients.